FLOW offers customers free Internet speed boost | News | Jamaica Gleaner

2022-11-28 13:16:34 By : Ms. FeiFei Zhong

Communications and entertainment provider FLOW has increased the Internet speed of its most popular packages, with approximately half of its customers immediately benefitting from the improvements.

Overall, FLOW has increased the download or upload Internet speeds of its most popular plans between 30 per cent and 300 per cent, which the company offers at no additional cost. Watercourse Adcp Buoy

FLOW offers customers free Internet speed boost | News | Jamaica Gleaner

Subscribers to FLOW’s Ya’ad & Road Plus package on its fibre network can now access up to one gigabit per second of download speed on their home internet, giving them unmatched internet experience and reliability for work or entertainment. All other broadband customers are expected to have access to 1Gb speed by end of year.

This is the second speed boost FLOW customers have received in the past seven months.

FLOW’s Vice-President and General Manager, Stephen Price, said with the recent speed increase, FLOW is offering Jamaicans the best value in the market for high-speed Internet and that it signals the company’s continued commitment to delivering fast, reliable, and affordable online access.

“These faster Internet speeds allow our customers to do even more and provide an improved user experience backed by our ongoing overall network and technology upgrade,” said Price.

In fact, he said, FLOW is heavily investing in network deployments and upgrades for greater service delivery. Over the past five years, the company has invested more than US$370 million in expanding and modernising its infrastructure and delivering a more robust and reliable network. This investment represents the largest capital injection by any Internet service provider (ISP) into expanding broadband infrastructure across Jamaica as FLOW paves the way for the country’s digital transformation.

Since January 2022, the company has added over 200 communities to its fibre network, bringing more advanced technology to over 50,000 homes. This is in addition to the over 500 communities and 200,000 customers the company connected over the prior 24 months.

Price noted that these initiatives are rooted in the company’s mission and the national goal of Jamaica becoming a technology-enabled society.

FLOW offers customers free Internet speed boost | News | Jamaica Gleaner

Monitoring Equipment “The legacy of our company has and will always be that of moving Jamaica forward through technological advancement,” Price stated. “In the past few years, we have been even more intentional in making our technology and services accessible to more Jamaicans, while offering the best value in the market, because of the importance of Internet connectivity to society. We are partners for the future, and FLOW remains committed to providing the technology and innovation that enable national growth and positively impact lives.”